Call For Submissions!

This chapter of the essay is reserved for stories of real-life experiences of reidentified and detransitioned people who feel that their experiences with the trans community were manipulative or cultic in nature. In particular, I’m looking to share the experiences of individuals who:

  • feel that they were rushed into medically or socially transitioning
  • feel that they were lied to about some aspect of transitioning
  • were manipulated, harassed, or intimidated because they detransitioned or reidentified
  • were manipulated or abused by a trans woman or transfeminine person on an individual level
  • were silenced or ostracized when addressing the abuse of a trans woman or transfeminine person
  • were involved in an unhealthy group of friends, living situation, or polyamorous relationship which centered around a trans person
  • in any way thinks their experiences are relevant to the subject of this essay and wants to share them

The submissions are intended to be read by people with similar experiences, to show them that they are not alone. Nothing will be changed, edited or omitted without your explicit consent.

If you’re interested or have any questions, please feel free to email me at



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